"I was scared of so many things. I was not overcompensating but just compensating. Now, I really have no apprehension about anything, which is great. I can get behind all of my creative endeavors more so than ever before. I’m super happy and challenged and inspired and relaxed.” (x)



Kristen: Strong female characters need to remain female, or else it’s just like, what’s the point?… (x)

I fucking love you

I like how earlier she mentions that women aren’t necessarily built to be strong, because it doesn’t exclude those who prefer to behave in ways that emphasize physical strength


I shouldn’t be the superhero’s girlfriend. I should be the superhero.

Kristen Stewart photographed by Sebastian Kim for Vanity Fair France, September 2014

Kristen Stewart in the trailer of Camp X-Ray (x)



“I know you’ve heard many different things in the last few years about Bella maybe not being a positive feminine icon.” (x)

feminist criticisms of Twilight are very valid but they often end up being just as misogynistic as the books themselves. 

this is a good point and i’m not just saying that cause i’m literally obsessed w/ her


Valid feminist critique of Twilight: It’s teaching girls that the only way to be justified as a person is to in fact remain a half person until you are married and with child. Only then will you be whole. You cannot be a justified person without those things. 

Misogynistic “feminist” critique of Twilight: Lyk3 OMG Bella is so dumb I can’t believe she’d just throw her life away for some freakish oldcolddude and how lame is she for crying and staying in bed for months wow what a weak anti social weirdo like she can have fun on her own just go to the club haveafewshotsanddanceyoubitch. 


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