I lied this is my last nostalgic post of the night.

Go to 1:24, its when Andrew comes in and he has the best reaction to this stupid game. When he says ”I believe in this stuff too much” I.DIED. He is so incredibly humble and he was like oozing with nervous excitement. I will never be over the fact that he turns into a five year old when any thing to do with Spider-man is mentioned. 

“you always make me give you a profession, uh. let’s say you’re promoting a movie right now, uh, whales—so be a fisherman. a marionette fisherman.


Video Diary week 4!! :D

Plans for today:

1) Read Madame Bovz

2) Start my IOP outline

3) Finish the Psych video and workbook

4) Start on the PR essay and read the textbook

5) Try to spend time with family in between if IB isn’t killing me

I hate my life

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